FIA Announces Digital Motorsports’ R.A.C.E Award for Rally Star Competitors

Digital Motorsports are teaming up with FIA Rally Star and giving away a Simulator to a African Rally Star Finalist that shows the most community engagement prowess. 

We created this award to help build a passionate rally community that engage with each other across the world. The aim is to create more excitement and boost the social media around the FIA Rally Star event and help the finalists to #BeTheNextOne.

ESE Entertainment Inc. Announcement

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, May 26, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ESE Entertainment Inc. (“ESE” or the “Company”) (TSXV: ESE) (OTCQB: ENTEF) is pleased to announce that the Company’s subsidiary, Digital Motorsports (“DMS” or “Digital Motorsports”), has partnered with the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (“FIA”) to offer a dedicated Digital Communications Award for competitors in the Rally Star initiative.

The award will recognise the efforts of FIA Rally Star competitors in the area of digital communication and social media engagement. The award will be launched at the African Final being held at the Zwartkops Raceway in Pretoria, South Africa between May 27-29.

R.A.C.E Award

Apart from displaying their driving and simulator skills during the African Final, competitors will be judged on their community engagement prowess. Known as the Digital Motorsport’s R.A.C.E. Award, it will acknowledge Rally Star participants’ achievements in the areas of: Reach, Attract, Community and Engagement.

Digital Motorsports will assess each applicant based on their personal growth under each pillar of the R.A.C.E criteria. This will be analysed from their social media professional analytical dashboards. More information about the R.A.C.E award can be found on Digital Motorsports’ website here.


R – REACH: this measures the percentage increase the Participants Instagram account received in terms of reach on the posts regarding FIA Rally Star during the timeframe of the Competition.
A – ATTRACT : this measures the percentage increase the Participants Instagram account received in terms of followers during the timeframe of the Competition.
C – COMMUNITY : only posts that relate to FIA Rally Star will be counted towards the final scoring under each pillar, to ensure the content created during the timeframe of the Competition promotes growth of the FIA Rally Star community. 
E – Engagement
: this measures the percentage increase that Participants Instagram account received in terms of engagement on the posts about FIA Rally Star during the timeframe of the Competition.

The Prize

The prize for the R.A.C.E. Award winner in Pretoria comprises of one Playseat Trophy chassis, one Thrustmaster T300 Ferrari Integral Racing Wheel Alcantara Edition wheel and pedals, one Thrustmaster Gaming headset, one set of OMP Race gloves and one copy of the WRC 10 game.


According to Niall Maher, CEO at Digital Motorsports, the idea of the R.A.C.E Award is to broaden the appeal of the FIA Rally Star initiative through digital engagement. He commented, “Digital Motorsports is very proud to be a part of the FIA vision for an all-inclusive, all-access program for detecting young talent. The FIA encourages development in digital and esports sectors, which are key to engagement with new generations and will play an increasingly significant role in achieving diversity and true accessibility for all in motorsport. We are completely aligned in this vision by combining our world-leading technology with a genuine desire for inclusivity, to embrace diversity across all sections of society. We are delighted to collaborate with the FIA on the R.A.C.E. Award to drive additional awareness and allow everyone to have access to a global motor sports community through our professionally operated online races and turnkey simulator solutions.”

 Jérôme Roussel, FIA Rally Star Project Leader commented: “We are indebted to the invaluable contribution of our partners such as Digital Motorsports. Without their commitment and their energy, initiatives such FIA Rally Star would not be possible. The R.A.C.E. Award is a natural extension of our partnership with Digital Motorsports which seeks to grow our community engagement among our esports community. Through collaborations like this we aim to grow awareness and participation in Rally Star in the years ahead.”

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