Simulator Motion Systems

If you're looking for the ultimate in immersion from your simulator, adding motion is the only way to go - combine a full motion system with VR and you're into a whole new realm of realism!

Simulator motion systems come in a host of shapes and sizes and suit a wide range of budgets. We offer the most advanced systems globally from tried, tested and trusted brands such as D-Box, Qubic Systems, Simrig and Next Level racing. 

Many of our motion systems can be retro-fitted to your existing aluminium profile sim rig or we can build your perfect motion simulator from scratch to suit your specific requirements. So whether it's flight, rally, drift or race, we have the solution to suit your needs.

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 D-BOX 4250i G3 Haptic System D-BOX 4250i G3 Haptic Simulator Motion System


D-BOX 4250i G3 Haptic Simulator Motion System

From €7.189,26

D-BOX G3 haptic systems are the only FIA licensed products on the market. The system delivers consistent and versatile haptic cues coming from a wide range of frequencies unique to the D-BOX motion code. These...
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