Fanatec CSL Elite Wheel And Wheel Base for PS4/5 & PC

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Officially licensed for PS4€ž. Through partnership with Sony Interactive Entertainment, the CSL Elite Racing Wheel works seamlessly with all PlayStation‚®4 and PlayStation‚®4 Pro systems.The wheel is fully supported within the PS4€ž menu and developers will be able to take advantage of the wheels cutting-edge capabilities in their future games. CLUBSPORT...

Officially licensed for PS4€ž.

Through partnership with Sony Interactive Entertainment, the CSL Elite Racing Wheel works seamlessly with all PlayStation‚®4 and PlayStation‚®4 Pro systems.The wheel is fully supported within the PS4€ž menu and developers will be able to take advantage of the wheels cutting-edge capabilities in their future games.
ClubSport technology.


This racing wheel is using advanced and highly praised ClubSport technology. The servo motor, electronics and power supply come straight from its high-end brother. This makes the force feedback far superior.


The lightweight metal rim (970g) has a realistic diameter of 300 mm (11.81 inches). The perforated genuine leather grips and suede fabric will provide comfort while the durable shifter paddles provide a strong click thanks to Snapdome€ž technology.
Its all about realism.

Single drive: power and precision.

The powerful brushless servo motor combined with the single belt drive deliver impressively detailed and strong force feedback, with ultra-smooth feeling and big ball bearings for lowest friction. Our DirectSensor€ž technology utilizes a sensor mounted directly on the steering axis, keeping the steering input precise by preventing any influence or disturbance from the belt drive.
Telemetry glory.


See what is going on with rev lights on the base, an illuminated centre stripe and the integrated 3 digit LED screen to show you important car and race data in compatible games.


The famous Fanatec‚® Tuning display allows you to change many important settings like force feedback strengths, steering angle and even brake sensitivity during racing and independent from the game. You can save 5 different setting profiles and quickly change between them.
Tweak it!

The most advanced Eco-system.

If you go Fanatec you enter a world of unlimited flexibility and variety. The already high performance level of this racing wheel can even be upgraded with factory options like full size steering wheels, full metal shifters or the legendary loadcell pedals. Of course, all upgrades come with full warranty and no need for DIY skills.

Exchangeable button caps.

The button caps can be changed easily to racing style button caps, with symbols that match the most popular functions you need during a race. Attachable PlayStation‚®4 button caps for optional ClubSport steering wheels are included as well.

Analogue handbrake support.

Powerslide through the corners with the help of the optional analogue handbrake. The first and only racing wheel on PS4€ž with this option.


  • Officially licensed for PS4€ž
  • Ultra-strong brushless servo motor which delivers up to 6Nm of torque on the steering axis
  • Single belt drive unit with ultra-low lag and cogging, and big ball bearings for lowest friction
  • DirectSensor€ž on the steering axis to prevent influence of the belt drive on the position sensor
  • Very fast steering wheel acceleration - ideal for drifting
  • 1080‚° of rotation which can be adjusted in the tuning menu of the attached steering wheel
  • Integrated rev light bar in the wheel base
  • Choose from a growing selection of very realistic steering wheels in many different styles
  • Quick Release system to allow for the easy exchange of steering wheels within seconds, also during gameplay
  • Supports vibration motors in the steering wheel (depending on the steering wheel model). The included steering wheel does not come with vibration motors.
  • Table clamp included. Thickness range of the table board/desktop that the table clamp is able to lock to is 1,0 to 6,0 cm
  • Firmware can be updated with new features
  • Motor driver firmware can also be updated
  • Fast 1000 Hz USB update rate
  • Allows connection of two external shifters (e.g. H-pattern and sequential) in parallel
  • Mount for ClubSport Static Shifter Paddles and other optional accessories
  • Connection ports for peripheral devices: USB, Power, Pedals, Shifter 1, Shifter 2, Handbrake
  • Steering wheel with realistic size (ƒËœ30cm/11.81 inches)
  • Very low steering wheel weight of only 970g for fast acceleration and fidelity
  • RevStripe€ž in wheel rim,‚ which is a combined centrestripe and a revmeter, using a multicolour LED
  • Three digits LED display smoothly integrated to wheel rim below the RevStripe€ž, featuring telemetry data like speed or gears‚ to be displayed by compatible games or third-party software
  • Wheel rim with perforated genuine leather, suede fabric and cross-stitched seam
  • Completely redesigned, durable shifter paddles with intensive Snapdome click feeling
  • Brushed aluminium spokes with fibre enforced back cover
  • Features the iconic PlayStation‚®‚ and action buttons, interchangeable with the included racing style buttons
  • 4-way direction pad with push button
  • Tuning functions* with LED display of the steering wheel to adjust settings independent from the game and during gameplay
    • Saves up to 5 wheel set-ups
    • Adjust sensitivity independent from the game. Turning angle can be adjusted in the wheel from 90‚° to 1080‚°
    • Adjust force feedback strength during gameplay
    • Adjustment for vibration intensity in the steering wheel (depending on the steering wheel model). The vibration motors can be used by a game directly or by the ABS function
    • Simulate ABS vibration‚ in the steering wheel (depending on the steering wheel model) and on pedals with rumble motor like the ClubSport Pedals V3
    • Advanced Drift Mode can add a natural damper to avoid oscillation‚ or a negative damper which will speed up the wheel.
    • Customize the force feedback sensations by changing the spring, force effects and dampening forces
    • Adjust the brake force sensitivity of compatible loadcell pedals like the ClubSport Pedals V3 or the CSL Elite Pedals LC‚
    • * Tuning functions are subject to change.



  • Fanatec ClubSport Handbrake (direct connection to wheel base)
  • All Fanatec ClubSport steering wheels
  • All Fanatec CSL and CSL Elite steering wheels
  • All Fanatec ClubSport, CSR, CSR Elite, CSL and CSL Elite Pedals (adapter cables might be required on pedals without RJ12 connection)
  • All Fanatec CSL and ClubSport Shifters (two shifters simultaneously)
  • Fanatec ClubSport Static Shifter Paddles
  • Mounting on cockpits and wheel stands: 3 hard-mount points on the bottom of the wheel base. Please refer to the drilling template in the download section for the hole pattern and distances. The hole pattern is identical with the ClubSport Wheel Bases without the angle adapter (3 hard-mount holes). Please take note that the CSL Elite Wheel Base (PS4€ž version) hole pattern is NOT compatible to the discontinued CSL Seat.
  • Please note: Compatibilities to all peripherals are tested by Fanatec, but not tested nor endorsed by Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.


  • PlayStation‚®‚ systems: All PlayStation‚®4 and PlayStation‚®‚ Pro systems. For a complete list of compatible games please visit this‚ page.‚
    PlayStation 5:‚ Check our‚ platform compatibility page‚ for more details.
  • PC: This racing wheel is compatible with PC on all major racing games.
  • Other platforms: Compatibilities to other platforms depend on the used steering wheel. For more information, please check the product page of the steering wheel you plan to use.
  • Please note: PC and other platform compatibilities‚ are tested by Fanatec, but‚ not tested nor endorsed by Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.


  • IMPORTANT: Before use, please connect the product to a PC, download the latest driver and then update the firmware of the wheel. This assures latest compatibilities and newest features.
  • This racing wheel contains a wheel base and a steering wheel that are not available for sale separately. This product comes as a set, please note self assembly is required.
  • Pedals not included.‚ Please use the product configurator to configure your system.
  • Table clamp included. You can also mount it with screws to a cockpit or wheel stand (see drilling template in download section).
  • No hard-mount screws included. Please read the manual for information about qualified screws.‚
  • To connect‚ discontinued‚ Fanatec Pedals with PS/2 Socket like CSP V1/V2 or CSR, you need the additional PS/2 to RJ12 cable


  • Dimensions (L x W x H)36cm x 36cm x 36cm
  • Weight6.56kg
  • Volume weight9.33kg


  • CSL Elite Wheel Base + officially licensed for PS4
  • CSL Elite‚ Steering Wheel P1‚ (PS4€ž version)
  • Table clamp
  • Table clamp screw with handle
  • Power supply unit‚ (cable length: power supply to wheel base 1,5 m/6 ft)
  • Power cord (regional)‚ (cable lenghth: socket to power supply 1,5 m/6 ft.)
  • USB connection‚ cable (2 m/6 ft.)
  • O-Ring (spare for Quick Release shaft)
  • Allen key 5mm
  • Fixation screw M6 x 18mm (flat head) for simplified Quick Release
  • Racing style button caps for CSL Elite‚ Steering Wheel P1‚ (PS4€ž version)
  • PS4€ž button caps for (optional) ClubSport steering wheels
  • QuickGuide


  • Adjustable shockYes
  • Buttons12
  • Adjustable springYes
  • Adjustable drift modeYes
  • Adjustable FF strengthYes
  • Adjustable sensitivityYes
  • Connection portsData, Handbrake, Pedals, Shifter 1, Shifter 2
  • Rev lightsIlluminated RevStripe
  • Cooling systemSingle fan
  • Rev Lights on Wheel BaseYes
  • Degrees of rotation90‚°-1080‚°
  • TorqueUp to 6Nm
  • Detachable button capsYes
  • Tuning Menu through steering wheelYes
  • Diameter300mm
  • USB ConnectivityDirect
  • Display3 digits LED
  • USB update rate1000Hz
  • Force Feedback drive materialABS pulleys with ball bearings
  • Force Feedback drive systemSingle gear toothed belt drive
  • Funky switch5-way
  • Grip materialPerforated genuine leather grips and suede fabric
  • Hardmount3-hole pattern
  • Mode ButtonYes
  • Adjustable ABS vibrationYes
  • Adjustable brake forceYes
  • PlatformPC, PS4, XBox One Ready

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