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The official Digital-Motorsports.com eSports Team

VRA Racing are Digital Motorsports official eSports team. The team consists of an extremely talented group of drivers competing across multiple disciplines including racing, rallying, drifting and rallycross. VRA Racing compete at the highest level on a global platform. team members are a mix of real-world racers, sim racers, trackday enthusiasts and even a Hyundai factory WRC driver!

About the team:

VRA Racing is largely made up of a core of Motorsport competitors from Ireland. Right back in the beginning when Digital-Motorsports.com was called the Virtual Race Academy (VRA) this group of racers were the first competitors to join our online leagues. They were (and still are) at the core of our online community, being amongst the most knowledgeable and helpful drivers you will find on the DM Discord channels. You won't meet a nicer bunch of guys but they're also quick.......... really quick! 

The team work extremely well together and each have their own specialisms and strengths both inside and outside of the driving seat. 

Brian McManus  

 (Captain) - Endurance, Open wheeler, sim expert, racecraft.  

Peter McCann

Endurance and Nurburgring Specialist.

Evan Walsh

Endurance, stunt man, overtake specialist, graphics, touring car specialist.  

Adam Dowling

Endurance racing, defense specialist and loves free stuff.

Ronan Hederman

Endurance, drifter and can do anything but don’t ask him to take Southside in Mondello.  

Jordan Kelly

Endurance, strategist, consistent, Barrichello of sim racing

David Yamamoto

(The flying postman), licking the stamp and sending it since 1996.

Mark O’ Rourke

Resident drifter and DCGP entrant for 2020.

Craig Breen

WRC Hyundai Factory Driver and iRX Subaru Rallycross entry.

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You can keep up to date on VRA Racing's exploits on their social media channels:
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aces are live streamed by most team members as well as on their official Facebook and YouTube channels.


What is Sim Racing?

Sim racing or digital motorsport  (as the FIA, Motorsport's governing body refer to it) is growing at a phenomenal rate. Technological advancements in recent years have seen sim racing bridge the gap between real racing and eSports, reaching both audiences - the passionate racing fan and gaming fans. This is a global presence, with over 5 million drivers in the racing genre. 

The barriers to entry of sim racing are far lower than real world racing and it is one of the few eSports that actually translates into the real world. The vast majority of professional race and rally drivers now use simulators to train. As costs have come down racing simulators are now within reach of club racers and Motorsport enthusiasts. All of this, combined with the global recognition and widespread broadcasting (even on Sky One) of sim racing events has brought the sport firmly into the spotlight.


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