ICCR Junior Mini Challenge scholarship

This month we welcomed the return of the highly successful Junior MINI Challenge to the Simulator Centre in Mondello Park race track. 18 drivers only 1 winner, check out how it went.......

Putting the Drivers to the Test

We were honoured to be asked to judge the 2nd Annual Junior MINI Scholarship Day in Mondello Park on Saturday 11th Feb.
Where 18 lucky applicates were assessed on their driving ability, mindset and simulator racing skills for the chance of a race seat in the Mondello Park ICCR Junior MINI Championship.

Simulation Assessment

We ran the Simulator Assessment where each driver completed a practice, qualifying and race against their peers. We judged the driver’s consistency, times and racing craft. Each driver attends a drivers briefing with the Clerk of the Course, Laura from Digital Motorsports. In this briefing we take the drivers through the race meeting schedule, the rules and the points system for the judging.

The attributes we looked for were fast consistent lap times, clean driving and overtaking. We also assessed racing craft and general car control.
This year the standard was very high with every driver giving their absolute best shot.

Winning Formula

Pictured: last year’s winner David Travers passing on the keys of the Mondello Park Mini race car to the 2023 winner of the competition Bobby-Joe McFall who has won the race seat and a full entry for the 2023 ICCR Junior MINI Championship.

With the competition so tight it was decided to add an addition prize to this year’s winners so for second place Toby Maguire has won entry to the 2023 Junior Mini Championship and free entry to ICCR test days. With third place going to Reece Mahony who has won free entry to ICCR test days for the year. 

Women in Motorsport

It is of course important to note that 4 of the 18 applicants were female this year, doubling from last year which is fantastic representation. And with our own Laura now the Clerk of the Course of the Simulator Assessment, the future for females in the sport is constantly looking brighter.

Driving the Future of Motorsport

Following on from last year, a round of the ICCR Junior MINI Championship will take place virtually. This is one of the first of its kind blurring the lines between the real and virtual world.  This digital round is treated exactly the same as any other round of the championship, same rules, same head to head racing and same points value. This addition to circuit racing will promote a new way of thinking  to the next generation and the ones that came before. Sim racing is the future and can not only be a tool to improve your driving but also a racing career. 

Will you be the 2024 winner?

Photos by Robert Grimes Media