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We recently had the pleasure of hosting Easons in our Simulator Centre at Mondello Park race track for team building, heres how it went.....

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The teams must quickly assess and delegate roles and responsibilities to complete a relay race and a series of challenges against the clock.


Each member will have a specific role as well as driving. It is crucial that the team works together to problem solve and figure out how their car can win. 


The teams will need to listen to each other and make sure that everyone knows what they are doing. 


Everyone will need to drive during the race, but they do not need to complete the same number of laps so a clever strategy using your fastest drivers and rapid pitstops will be critical for a winning team. . 

What to expect on the day?

Last week, we had the pleasure of welcoming the Eason & Son Ltd team into our Simulator Centre at Mondello Park Race Track. This was part of a full corporate experience including a Porsche Driving Thrill, an Auto Test in the nifty little Starlets, the Mondello Park museum tour and a Simulator Team Building session with us.

We offer a full race experience, giving clients a high-octane thrill in a safe and encouraging environment. It’s the perfect opportunity to bring out everyones competitive side which is exactly what we saw from the Eason’s group.

On arrival the group is split into teams and given a drivers briefing, where we run through the rules and a few helpful loopholes. We let everyone have a practice session where teams can figure out who the Lewis Hamilton of the group is. In this session we coach people and make sure everyone gets a fair shot at a fast lap.  

Then the teams go head to head in a qualifying and race. All the cars are racing against each other at the same time on track and each team must utilise all its members during the race but not for the same amount of laps. That means coming up with a clever strategy, figuring out who will do the most laps and when is the best time to complete a pitstop for a driver change.

Along with this you will be given a number of challenges and decisions during the race to test your teams adaptability and problem solveing skills. Ultimately teams must work together if they want to win.

Some Controversial Moves...

Even though we absolutely do not condone cheating, sometimes a little creative strategy to gain an advantage can be overlooked. 😉
We saw some very interesting strategies on the day including distracting techniques, misused brake pedals and probably the most controversial, someone’s glasses being removed mid stint. Even with all these tactics being unleased on one driver at one stage, he still came out on top in the end, much to everyone’s surprise.
The most important thing to us on days like this, is to ensure everyone has fun. It’s the safest and most inclusive form of motorsport and we want everyone to leave with a smile on their face.

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