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First European Digital Motorsport Cup is kicking off!

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The first European Digital Motorsport Cup (EDMC) is kicking off this March bringing the best of online and offline racers together battling for their national teams.

The European Digital Motorsport Cup (EDMC) is an international collaboration between several national motorsport organisations including the Danish Automobile Sports Federation, Deutscher Motor Sport Bund e.V., Polish Automobile and Motorcycle Federation, Motorsport Ireland and The Swedish Automobile Sports Federation.

The five national motorsport associations have chosen, during a tender process, the Danish promoter Esport Racing to arrange this first edition of the EDMC. This event offers the champions of the respective national digital motorsport championships throughout Europe the opportunity to represent themselves and their countries. The drivers for this event will be nominated exclusively by their national federation.

This new collaboration aims to highlight Digital Motorsport as a new and exciting, professionally run genre of our sport with equal opportunities and low barriers to entry. The best Digital Motorsport Drivers and Pro Motorsport Drivers will be on the same virtual starting grid in a ‘Nations Cup’ which will be broadcast live on the international stage.

Each ASN can nominate a maximum of 6 teams of 2 drivers. These teams will compete in a 90-minute race on the iRacing simulation platform, driving the Dallara LMP2 car on 14 March 2021.

The National teams from Denmark, Germany, Poland, Ireland and Sweden will be introduced in more detail in the coming weeks. In addition to the organising nations, Norway and Iceland will also be competing in the inaugural European Digital Motorsport Cup.
For more information, please visit www.esport-racing.eu or visit the websites of the participating organisations.

Digital-Motorsports.com are proud to be the nominated Digital Agency for this event and will be presenting our 12 best drivers from our IDMC series. These drivers will represent Ireland in 6 teams and will have a single team representative from Digital-Motorsports.com

Practise, qualifying and race will be aired live on YouTube (insert link) on 14 March 2021 from 12.00. The race will run from 14.00.

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