We're delighted to announce our new MUDSLINGER amateur iRacing series, using the latest Pro2 Lite V8 Trucks AND VW Beetle GRC! The 7 round championship is open to all drivers and no registration is necessary - Just turn up and RACE!
(rookie iRacing licences accepted)

When & Where?

The MUDSLINGER SERIES starts on Wednesday 30th September 2020 at 8pm GMT. Head to iRacing hosted Races and search for MUDSLINGER SERIES. The is session will be free to join with no password protection.

To take part in this championship you will need the following:

> An iracing account. If you don't have an iRacing account drop us and email to and we will hook you up with a FREE 3 month trial worth $35.00!!  

> The Pro2 LITE truck and the VW Beetle GRC and all the tracks the championship is visiting: Daytona, Phoenix & Larnier

> A Discord account. Discord is the main channel for communication and is also used for driver's briefing, to communicate additional info and for general driver's chat. Click here to join the Digital Motorsport Discord channel. 

Championship Calendar

>Round 1  — Daytona RX Short (VW Beetle GRC)  30/09/20
>Round 2 — Phoenix RX (Pro2 Lite) 14/10/20
>Round 3  — Daytona RX Long (VW Beetle GRC ) 28/10/20
>Round 4 — Daytona RX Short (Pro2 Lite) 11/11/20
>Round 5 — Phoenix RX (VW Beetle GRC) 25/11/20
>Round 6 — Daytona RX Long (Pro2 Lite)  09/12/20
>Round 7 — Lanier Dirt Speedway (Pro2 Lite) 09/12/20

Rallycross / Truckcross Race Format

Grid Entries — 18 Drivers
Weather — Generated Dynamic
Sky — Dynamic
Assist — None (clutch assist ok)
Setup — Fixed iRacing Default
Practice — 30 mins (Track state starts @ 0% usage).
Qualification — 3 Laps (Track will be graded before Qualification session starts to 30% usage).
Heats — 3 x 6 Laps (6 Car Grid) with 1 Joker. 1st place driver proceeds to feature.
LCQ Heats — 3 x 6 Laps (5 Car Grid) with 1 Joker. 1st Place driver proceeds to feature.
Feature — 6 Laps (6 Car grid) with 1 joker lap.

Why Race With

Quite simply, we provide some of the best online racing globally. Through years of Motorsport competition in the real world and digitally we have developed the knowledge, skills, technology and level of driving that set our online racing leagues apart from the rest. This is why world class professional drivers race with week in, week out. We attract international sponsors and offer incredible prizes, but most importantly we offer clean, fast and fair racing....and that's ultimately what we all want!

This amateur series is designed first and foremost to be fun and easy to access but will also introduce the basic rules and regulations needed to make online racing enjoyable and not the wreckfest that open lobby's can often be!  

Rules & Regulations

The below guidelines and rules are what officials use to Marshall race meetings, whilst we want to promote a
close racing environment if it is deemed that a competitor has violated any of the rules or guidelines in order to gain
an unfair advantage or which bring the league into disrepute it will be at the leagues discretion what penalty will be

1 – Track Limits - The circuit is defined by painted lines marking either side of the track or by a raised edge
in the case of Dirt short courses. All drivers must endeavour to retain 1 wheel within these boundaries.

2 – Slow Downs – If a driver is deemed to have cut the course and is forced to serve a slow down the driver
must move as far off the racing line as possible. In order to avoid impeding other drivers this must be
performed on a straight section of track before the end of the current lap.

3 – Overlap Rule – In order for a driver to claim equal stake to the racing line the trailing drivers front wheel
wheel must be ahead of that of the leading drivers rear wheel, until this point the leading driver has full control
of the racing line.

4 – Dive Bombing – This is a practice which is widely regarded as inappropriate in any form of racing, an
overtaking driver must be able to get the car to the apex and complete the overtake without causing any
impacting or damaging contact to the driver/drivers they are attempting to overtake.

5 – Racing Room – When the overtaking rule has been established both the leading driver and the trailing
driver must give adequate racing room, this is defined as a cars width between the driver and the track limit.

6 – Driving with mechanical damage – If your vehicle has sustained mechanical damage which affects your
ability to control the vehicle it is advised that you move your vehicle off the racing line so as not to impede
faster drivers, if your vehicle is not controllable you must move your vehicle off the track to an area which will
not affect the ongoing race as soon as possible and remain there until the end of the race.

7 - Lapped Drivers – Over a race distance a driver may find that they are being lapped by race leaders, it is
the lapped drivers responsibility to be aware that the faster drivers are approaching and remove themselves
from the racing line to allow these drivers to pass.

8 – Cool Down Lap – Upon crossing the chequered flag or completing the race all drivers must slow to
reduced speed and make their way back to the pit area or predefined halting area, this must be done in a safe
and controlled manner.

9 - Conduct & Respect – By holding a league membership It is expected that every
member will treat other drivers, officials, members and the community with respect and integrity both on and
off the race track. It is also expected that all members will not bring the sport or iRacing into disrepute by any
questionable or unfair conduct.

10 - Paint Liveries – All Liveries must be applied through the trading paints platform, all liveries must not
contain any profanity, crude content, adult material or messages of a political nature. The driver or team must
have explicit consent for use of any branding or logo used on their livery, if this is in question at any time the
driver or team may be asked to provide a copy of the written consent for use of the branding.

Contact with Intent
Contact with intent is defined as a driver purposefully driving to contact with other drivers to damage the other
drivers vehicle or deemed to be driving in a wreckless manor, this an inexcusable behaviour and carries 3 levels of
corrective action. Dependant on the severity of the incident the Stewards may apply any strike at any time as
deemed necessary.

Level 1 - Driver may attend the next race meeting but will have a 30 second penalty applied to their first heat
race result.

Level 2 - Driver will not be allowed to participate in the next race meeting.

Level 3 - Suspended from racing for the duration of the season. A panel of stewards and officials will meet to
debate if the driver will be able to continue to hold a Mudslinger league membership.

 Series Scoring
Series points are scored for both 1st round heats and for feature races, no points are scored for last chance qualifier
rounds or consul rounds.

1st > 6 Points
2nd > 5 Points
3rd > 4 Points
4th > 3 Points
5th > 2 Points
6th > 1 Points

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