Annual Christmas Fundracer

VRA’s Annual Christmas Fundracer

Race Day: Sunday 29th of December 2019, 16:00.

The Virtual Race Academy is delighted to bring you this year’s Fundracer. This year it supports the fantastic organisation, The Simon Community.

Looking to merge the success that VRA has had with its streams and championships to bring some good at Christmas, the challenge will be invite only and limited to a max of 50 drivers. The race will take place at the famous Brands Hatch circuit in the UK using the well-known Indy layout.

The famed track is a quite short, less than a one minute sprint per lap. But because of the technicality of the circuit every lap is a war in itself. Turn one for example, sees a corner that has a braking zone that’s hard to find, an unsighted inner apex until you are on it and on top of all of that the track drops away like a cliff. In the cars picked for the challenge it’ll be a wheel to wheel fight to the death!

For those racing, they need to contend with the fantastic Skip Barber open wheeler. These are very low aero, all mechanical grip chassis’. Not unlike the modern Formula Fords. They create massive battles, the drivers have to do it all themselves and with a pack as large as the challenge will bring it’ll be a manic race.

VRA are looking to raise €1,000 for the charity and you can donate as much as you like by following the link here, VRA's Simon Community Fundraiser. There is already more than €400 donated and we are looking to meet our €1000 goal before the lights go out next Sunday.

The lights go out at 1600 next Sunday, it also includes a heat qualification system just to upset the final race grid and bring a sense of the unknown to the drivers competing on the day.

For anyone joining in to watch and donate, the streams will be as good as ever and available on Facebook and Youtube. Expect our usual level of commentary, fun and a few spills as all the drivers know they only have one race to prove it all!

Finally, remember if you are looking at this and feeling left out, make sure to contact or on facebook to get hooked up with some of the best Sim gear you can buy for the best prices and you can join us in 2020 for the next season!

We wish you a happy Christmas and all the best for the new year from all the crew in the Virtual Race Academy crew.




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