RULES iRacing series is a professional esports league that offers the highest standards and quality environment for all of our drivers to produce fantastic racing, full of breathtaking moments for the fans. To make sure that everything runs smoothly, there must be certain rules in place. These rules are not here to bind participants down but to ensure ‘fair-play’ standards.

Appendix 60 Digital Motor Racing


1.1 To compete in the championship you will need an iRacing account with a grade D Licence or above.

1.2 The car used will be announced before each championship opens for registration.

1.3 The set-up will be fixed and if it differs from the baseline, it will be released via Discord on the iRacing set-ups channel, before each race.

1.4 You will need a stable broadband connection of at least 20mbs and a constant ping to the iRacing server of no more than 500ms.


2.1 The Championship will consist of 6 rounds.

2.2 All drivers must cover 60% of the leaders driven distance in each race to be classified in the official results.

2.3 Points will be awarded according to finishing position per official results.

2.4 Points will be awarded for both the heat and feature races, points allocations are equal in both races.

2.5 Each Driver will drop their lowest full round score of the first five rounds.

2.6 Drivers must count their score in the sixth round.

2.7 Classified finishers will score points for each race as below.

Points Allocation

1st 50 points

2nd 40 points

3rd 35 points

4th 32 points

5th 30 points

6th 28 points

7th 26 points

8th 24 points

9th 22 points

10th 20 points

11th 19 points

12th 18 points

13th 17 points

14th 16 points

15th 15 points

16th 14 points

17th 13 points

18th 12 points

19th 11 points

20th 10 points

21th   9 points

22th   8 points

23th   7 points

24th   6 points

25th   5 points

2.8 Drivers must use their own iRacing accounts, under their real name and be active subscribers.

2.9 The Driver name and iRacing account ID used at registration must be used for the entire championship.

2.9 Organisers reserve the right to amend the rules at any time and without prior notification.


3.1 To be eligible for prizes, a driver must be classified as part of the final results (as per 2.2) for 80% of the Championship.


4.1 All rounds of the Digital championship will have the following schedule.

75 Minute practice session

10 Minute drivers briefing

10 Minute / 3 lap closed Qualifying

A heat race of 10-15 laps depending on lap time

A Feature race of 15-20 laps with a partial reversed grid based on the heat race results

4.2 Championship Event Calendar - Championship Races will be run on Wednesday nights with a start time of 7pm for practice and racing starting between 2030 and 2045 GMT.

4.3 Drivers must achieve a qualifying lap within 110% of their class leader to be allowed to make a grid start.

4.4 A driver who fails to meet the 110% time may submit an appeal to Race Control.

4.5 A driver who fails to meet the 110% time and is not allowed by Race Control to make a grid start may be requested to make a pit lane start and at the discretion of Race Control be required to undertake additional practice before racing.

4.6 Drivers must be on the Discord iRacing Voice Channel for drivers briefing as the information communicated in the Drivers Briefing is key to the smooth running of online events. Any driver who fails to attend Drivers briefing can be removed from the race, by race control. Screenshots will be taken of the discord channel as the drivers briefing takes place.


5.1 The Championship series will use standing starts, however Race Control has the right to change this to a rolling start if it is deemed necessary.

5.2 Drivers automatically line up on the grid in order of how they qualified.

5.3 There are only two applicable grid penalties – starting from the back or the pitlane.

5.4 Gridding is set to 2 minutes. Drivers should move to the grid with 30 to 20 seconds remaining.

5.5 Any technical problems (hardware and software) are considered as force majeure and it does not force the organisers to restart the race.

5.6 After the race drivers have to stay on the server until all the drivers finish the race.

5.7 Rolling Starts will be used for oval or endurance races.

5.7.1 When all drivers are on the grid, the pace car will lead the field around the track for at least 1 lap, and then exit the track as late as possible and enter pit lane.

5.7.2 Drivers on the inside line cannot overtake cars on the outside until they have passed the start line. The lead driver can slow to enable trailing cars to bunch up, however this slowing cannot be excessive to a point which would give the leader a distinct advantage.

5.7.3 Drivers shall not pass cars in their own pacing line on the leading side before the start/finish line. Drivers attempting to improve their position by passing before the start/finish line will be given a black flag Stop-and-Go penalty by Race Control. The leader of the second pace line may not pass the leader of the first place line (pole position) before the start/finish line. Doing so will result in a black flag Stop-and-Go penalty.


6.1 Race Control is responsible for the general conduct of the event in accordance with the regulations. The authority of Race Control shall be final subject to the right of Appeal to the Appeal Judge.

Race control will:

6.2 Ensure that each driver/car is properly identified and eligible to take part in the event.

6.3 Ensure that Drivers have properly qualified for the race.

6.4 Collect reports from the Broadcast and commentary team concerning race incidents and take the appropriate actions. Drivers may submit reports of Race incidents for review, which must be submitted within 2 hours of the race ending.

6.5 At his/her discretion enquire into allegations of improper driving and take appropriate action.

6.6 Impose penalties as outlined below in section 9.

6.7 Declare the final results of the Heat and Feature race together with any penalties imposed.


7.1 A driver must always drive in a manner compatible with general safety. Drivers are expected to behave in a manner respectful of fellow drivers and the series. Any misbehaviour may be subject to penalty, a suspension or the driver being banned from competing.

7.2 Incidents resulting in contact may be the responsibility of any driver involved and may incur penalties.

7.3 Overtaking, according to the circumstances, may be carried out on either the right or the left. A driver may not leave the track without justifiable reason. More than one change of direction to defend a position is not permitted. Any driver moving back towards the normal racing line having earlier defended his position off-line, should leave at least one car width between his/her own car and the edge of the track on the approach to the corner. Any manoeuvres liable to hinder other drivers are strictly prohibited.

7.4 Careless or dangerous overtaking will be penalised. As a rough guide the following circumstances may arise.

If the overtaking driver is more than halfway past the defender between the start of the braking zone and the corner apex, A collision at the apex is entirely the fault of the defender. Both drivers must leave at least one car width between his own car and the edge of the track when exiting the corner.

If the overtaking driver has only the front wheel of his car alongside the defender’s rear wheel between the start of the braking zone and the corner apex, A collision at the apex is entirely the fault of the attacker. Both drivers must leave at least one car width between his own car and the edge of the track when exiting the corner.

If the overtaking driver is the attacker’s front axle is ahead of the defender’s rear axle and the two cars are approximately halfway alongside the defender both drivers must give each other racing room. If a collision occurs in this scenario a racing incident should be submitted to race control for review. Both drivers must leave at least one car width between his own car and the edge of the track when exiting the corner.

The general rule of our racing is to always leave enough room for a car regardless if it’s on your inside or outside.

7.5 Should a car leave the track for any reason, the driver may re-join. This may only be done when it is safe to do so and without gaining any advantage. Re-joining the track in a dangerous manner which impedes another driver or causes an incident may be subject to penalties as outlined below.

7.6 Repetition of serious mistakes or the appearance of lack of control over the car, may entail the imposition of penalties up to and including exclusion of the driver concerned.

7.7 Yellow flag. This flag indicates a hazard ahead where the driver needs to slow down and prepare to stop should the track be blocked. Passing is forbidden under a yellow flag. Be cautious and you will be able to avoid accidents.

7.8 If being lapped, be considerate and let the faster car through as soon as it is safe to do so. Maintain you racing line and assist the faster car as much as possible. Most importantly always be predictable and make your intentions clear.

7.9 The organisers reserves the right to exclude any driver from this, or any future series.

7.10 A driver who causes 3 or more incidents in a round, which results in penalties will not be allowed to participate in the next round or race meeting of the Championship.

7.11 A driver who is deemed to have caused an intentional or malicious accident or behaves in a reckless manner on track to affect another driver will be subject to a temporary or permanent ban from racing.

7.12 Track limits are defined by the white lines around the circuit and drivers have to keep at least 2 wheels on the track at all times.

7.13 Track limits are controlled by iRacing and in general the kerbs are not considered as an expansion of track limits In case of an accident, if a driver uses track limits set by the game, which do not comply with the general track limits, then this driver will be in a disadvantage and face a penalty by Race Control.

7.14 Drivers must leave room and must not intentionally squeeze or push another driver off the track regardless of the situation.

7.15 Drivers must remain conscious of the series sponsors and also ensure they have full approval for any skins or logos they are using.

7.16 Pits Stops are allowed to refuel and change tyres during the race. Drivers cannot cross the line at the pit lane entry or pit exit and they have to control their pit lane speed. Car setups are fixed but brake bias adjustments are allowed, no Parc Fermé regulations are in place.

7.17 The organisers or Race control may announce some additional rules in cases where it would help to make the race safer.

7.18 In the Free Practice session, drivers can stop the car and use “Car Reset” but they have to do it safely. Drivers are advised to reset from an off-track location if possible. There will be a significant penalty in the case that a driver neglects to adhere to this rule and causes a collision.

7.19 Drivers can use “Car Reset” during the race, but the game simulates towing. If the mechanics can repair the car, the driver can return to the race.

7.20 Drivers need to show respect to Race control and demonstrate a sense of "fair play" to their fellow drivers and represent the series in a positive light.

7.21 During Qualifying drivers will not attempt to heat their tires prior to making a qualifying attempt at any track. This includes nosing up to a retaining wall, doing doughnuts on any surface, or sitting on pit lane doing a burn out. Methods not explicitly listed in this section will be reviewed by race stewards/officials and a determination will be made as to if an advantage was gained.


8.1 An independent Driver representative will be nominated for each race. The name of such person shall be notified at Drivers Briefing. The Driver representative shall receive any appeals against decisions by Race Control and, if correctly submitted, adjudicate upon them. Race Control will nominate a driver from the grid to represent drivers and assist with any appeals and decisions.

8.2 Any post-incident report must be submitted within 2 hours of the event. Submit your race incidents using the official online incident form.

The incident report must contain the following information:

- Drivers involved

- Lap Number

- Corner Number

Please include a video of the incident. Incidents received in any other form or after 2 hours of the race ending will not be processed.

8.3 Drivers are limited to submitting 2 incident form inputs per race.

8.4 Any Appeals must be submitted to within 24 hours of incident results being posted.

8.5 Drivers are limited to 2 Appeals per season. There is no appeals outside of Digital Motorsports and all decisions are final.


9.1 Race Control may impose any penalties including but not limited to the following :

- a) Warning

- b) Drive Through Penalty

- c) Stop and Hold Penalty (Time determined by Race Control)

- d) Post race Time Penalty (Time determined by Race Control)

- e) Points Deduction (amount to be determined by Race Control)

- f) Disqualification

- g) Grid Penalty

-h) exclusion from qualifying next round

-i) Exclusion from this or any event.

Penalties: Further Information

9.2 Drive Through Penalty may not be combined with any service stop. Any breach of this rule may incur further penalties.

9.3 Penalties under 9.1 b and 9.1 c must be served before the 3rd time the Start/Finish line is crossed. Penalties not served within the allowed period may incur further penalties, up to and including exclusion from the event.

9.4 Any driver deemed to have left the track to gain an advantage may be penalised.

9.5 All drivers must have Race Control audio channel open and be able to monitor text chat for messages from Race Control during the race.

9.6 A driver who receives a penalty as listed under Article 9.1 above cannot use the round as a dropped score.

9.7 Drivers who receive more than 17 incident points in a race will receive a pit drive through penalty. Should a driver reach 25 incident points in a race, a penalty of exclusion from the race will be imposed. 

Incident points are as follows. 

Track Cut 1 point 

Loss of control 2 points

Car contact 0-4 points


10.1 Protests must be submitted within 2 hours of the end of each race. Race Control will examine the circumstances and make a decision.

10.2 Official results, including any decisions from Protests, will be posted no earlier than 48 hours after the conclusion of the race(s).

10.3 A driver may appeal a penalty imposed by Race Control to the nominated Appeal Judge. The Appeal Judge will review the incident independently and may uphold the appeal, confirm the penalty imposed by Race Control or impose a greater penalty.

10.4 In case of a gross misconduct or another significant incident, drivers can be disqualified from the race or even from the whole championship without a refund.

10.5 Decisions of the organisers, race stewards and drivers representative on appeal are FINAL.


11.1 Drivers are encouraged to use personal paint schemes. To create your own team or car livery the car template can be found under the “Paint” section of the iRacing website. As the races are broadcast live, there are strict rules regarding branding and brand release. Trading paints is used to upload paints.

11.2 In particular, any sponsors on team / driver cars MUST have written approval. No use of tobacco, alcohol, or political sponsors are allowed. This is not exhaustive and the decision on any skins in use in the series is at the discretion of the organisers.

11.3 Any Driver who does not wish to use Trading Paints can submit their car skin NO LATER than 48 hours before the start of the first round. car custid.tga for paints, and car_ spec_ custid.mip for texture files.