Event Activation: Charles Hurst Ferrari
Club Cavallino

A s a group of dyed-in-the-wool Motorsports enthusiasts, it's always a pleasure when interesting automotive brands ask us to help with an activation or event, but when Ferrari get in touch, it's that little bit more exciting!

Increasingly, brands are looking for new and exciting ways to engage, retain and entertain their customers and simulators are proven to be a fantastic tool to do just that. The increased awareness and popularity of simulation and sim racing, fuelled by COVID where F1, Le Mans and countless other brands embraced digital versions of their sport, really put the industry front and centre on the global stage.

As a result, we as a population are much more open to the idea of simulation being a genuinely useful tool for driver development, team training or an educational / road safety tool, than just a 'glorified computer game'

This particular 'Club Cavallino' event was a new venture for Charles Hurst Ferrari within a showroom environment, giving all attendees the opportunity to enjoy an exciting array of activities, meet like-minded Ferrarista’s and most importantly raise money for a brilliant cause. Club Cavallino was not only a fun evening that raised £4,650.00 for charity but it was a platform which the dealership's customers could use to network with one another, meet businesses and expand each businesses service and brand awareness.

 Club Cavallino was an informal, charity evening for customers and invited guests, raising funds for the  Cancer Fund For Children,  entertainment and engagement were the key criteria for the simulators. 

Andrew Morrow's Ferrari 488 Challenge race car took centre stage in the showroom and was flanked by two of our Ultimate simulators featuring the best hardware available, including Simucube Active Pedals and Ultimate wheelbase, D-Box Motion and BavarianSimtec Wheels. For this event only the best components would do!

The Simucube Active pedals are a ground breaking piece of kit and these pre-production prototypes are the only set in circulation at the moment.
The Active pedals use hi-tech servo motors and  are controlled electronically to adjust feel, travel, resistance and can also provide haptic feedback to simulate ABS and traction control. One pedal unit is used for accelerator, brake and clutch. The beauty of the product is that you can replicate precisely the pedal feel of any vehicle, at the flick of a switch and the drag of an on-screen slider! 

We replicated the 488 Challenge car, including Andrew's own livery, (thanks Mark!) and created a time trial challenge and leaderboard.

Guests made a contribution the Cancer Fund For Children to have a go on the simulators and set a lap time.

At the end of the evening the winner would receive an all expenses paid vip trip to one  the Ferrari 488 Challenge rounds later this year!

If you are interested in taking your event to the next level, please contact our events team at events@digital-motorsports.com or give us a call on 00353 87 6250677